Out of the Woodwork 2017

Carlisle, PA: May 19-21, 2017

Well another Out of the Woodwork is history. The weather could best be described as erratic. Friday was uncomfortably hot ( mid 90's) and humid and Saturday was a typical English summer day, cold (low 50's) and damp with a light drizzle. At least it wasn't raining sideways like last year. The drive Friday that Ben Roth organized (thanks Ben) took us on some really nice country roads to Harley Davidson's big bike factory in York PA Those who brought convertible TVR's drove the tour in their cars while those of us (myself included) who decided that air conditioning and comfy seats were the order for of day, took a more modern form of transportation. As I said Saturday dawned cold and damp, but that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the TVR Club members who brought their cars to Out of the Woodwork 2017. I also would like to welcome Elden Lindamood as our new regalia chair. Welcome Elden. He manned the regalia table for the entire event. We had a really nice collection of cars from Lee Goldstien's 62 Grantura MK II to Drew Estes 88 420SEAC. The awards are as follows:

Award Placed Name(s) Model
Early TVR 1 Lee Goldstein 1962 Grantura MkII
2 Don Ensley 1963 Grantura MkIII
Griffith & Tuscan V8 No Participants
Vixen & 2500 1 Tony Hess 1971 Vixen 2500
2 Jeff DuPont 1972 Vixen 2500
M Series 1 Lorne Fritz 1974 2500M
Tasmin/280i 1 Ben Roth 1985 Tasmin Convertible
2 Herb Gundy 1986 280i Series II
Late TVR 1 Drew Estes 1988 420 SEAC
2 Charlie Birkline 1987 350i
Late Griffith 1 Andy Gear 1995 Griffith 500
2 Rob Stewart 1994 Griffith
Modified TVR 1 Bob Steffens Split M
2 Bill Cooper 1978 TVR 5000S
Special Awards
Most Original Herb Gundy 1986 TVR 280i Series II
Most Likely to Break Down Tony Hess 1990 450SE
President's Note: I am accepting this award under protest due to the fact that the
450 has just been painted and there was some behind the scenes conspiring going on from
the Canadian contingent. Revenge is a dish best served cold...........
Ran When Parked Don Ensley 1963 Grantura MkIII
Diamond in the Rough Terry Telke 1972 Vixen 2500
Best in Show Drew Estes 1988 420 SEAC
The Marq Ruben Award Bill Cooper 1978 TVR 5000S
The Trevor Wilkinson Award John Mleczek

The banquet on Saturday night was well attended with 45+ people Our special guest was John Mleczek one of the longest employed TVR workers. John also volunteered to be our auctioneer (shades of Colin Lyons?) John brought over a lot over very special TVR and TVR related items that made for a great auction. I had the pleasure to get some time to sit down with John and talk TVR with him and I want to thank him for taking the time to come over and grace us with his presence at Woodwork Thank you very much John. Also Marshall Moore TVRCCNA resident historian also graced us with presence. It was good to see Marshall after a long hiatus of not making it to Woodwork. And yes Marshall I will try to make it to VIR so you can make fun of me in the B. After the banquet/auction most of us retired to the bar (go figure) Even though we were a little light on cars this year I just want to send out a big thank you to those who attended. and I'm sorry if I didn't get to welcome every single one of you as there were some new faces at the banquet. And as always if there is anything I can do for you TVR related or not just let me know.