TVRCCNA Technical Articles

A large part of the club is preserving the marque, and TVRCCNA members share tech tips in order to help do so. This page features technical articles, many written by TVRCCNA members, that will help keep TVRs on the road. Some articles (those marked with a circle) are available to the public, others (marked by a filled circle) require TVRCCNA membership. On this page you can find a short summary of the article and members can log in to access the full articles where needed. If you'd like contribute an article, please send the information to our webmaster. Not all of the articles listed here have been published yet, so keep your eye on the page for updates.

General TVR | Grantura | Griffith | Vixen | M Series | Wedge | S Series | Griffith/Chimaera/Etc.

General TVR

  • USA-TVR Email List - Over 20 years of TVR tech tips and discussion by North American TVR owners. Open to all, not just TVRCCNA members.
  • Autocrossing a TVR - Information on SCCA rules and restrictions when considering whether to autocross your TVR.
  • Fiero Seats - Pontiac Fiero seats can be an inexpensive way to replace worn out buckets in your classic TVR.
  • Suspension Settings - Member-contributed specifications for caster/camber/toe in on various TVR models.
  • The History of Tom's Pit Stop - Or, how one man became a TVR dealer...



  • Griffith Wiring Diagram - Wiring diagram for the Griffith 200 drawn many years ago by the Griffith Club.
  • Griffith 200 Parts Database - Searchable database based on a Griffith Motors-produced list of parts for the Griffith 200, cross-referenced with a list of cross-references to other manufacturer's numbers such as Standard-Triumph and BMC.


  • TVR Vixen S2 Owners Manual - TVR Vixen S2 owners manual produced by TVR Engineering. Coming Soon.
  • TVR Vixen 2500 Owners Manual - TVR Vixen 2500 owners manual produced by TVR Engineering in 1971.
  • Vixen S2 Parts Database - Searchable database based on a TVR-produced parts list for the Vixen S2, the Vixen Handbook, and the Vixen Parts List. Many parts are applicable to other Vixen models.
  • TVR Tuscan/Vixen Color Chart - TVR color chart for Tuscan & Vixen models.

M Series

  • TVR 2500M Owners Manual (1973) - TVR 2500M owners manual produced by TVR Engineering in 1973.
  • TVR 2500M Owners Manual (1976) - TVR 2500M owners manual produced by TVR Engineering in 1976. Coming by 2024.
  • TVR 3000M/3000S/Taimar Owners Manual Supplement (1978) - Supplement to the 1976 2500M owners manual for the 3000M, 3000S, and Taimar.
  • TVR M Series Spare Parts Catalog - TVR factory catalog with diagrams for (most) M series parts. Coming Soon.
  • TVR Master Spare Parts Index - TVR factory-produced parts source list for the M series. Requires the M Series Spare Parts Catalog to decode.
  • M Series Parts Database - This is a database of TVR part numbers for the 1600M, 2500M, 3000M, 3000S, and Taimar from the M Series Parts Catalog that is crossreferenced with donor vehicles and new part suppliers (where known). Invaluable for tracking down some of the rarer parts. This database was crowdsourced circa 2004-2006. It does not yet include data from the Master Parts Index above.
  • TVR Color Chart (1973) - TVR full-line color chart for later in the 70s.
  • TVR Color Chart (later) - TVR full-line color chart for later in the 70s.
  • M Series Owners Manual Wiring Diagram - TVR-produced wiring diagram as published in the US-spec M Owners Manual.
  • 2500M Factory Wiring Diagram - TVR-produced factory wiring diagram for the TVR 2500M, as distributed by TVR Cars of America.
  • Rewiring a 2500M - Barry Rowe walks you through the process of updating the wiring in you 2500M.
  • M-Series Dashboard Template - Yuri Pershin's CAD drawings of the M-series dashboard, perfect for new custom dashes.
  • Resilvering Mirrors - The rearview mirror in many of the M series cars is a Wingard unit with day/night dimming that doesn't seem to be used in other cars. Unfortunately, a lot of these are losing their silver surface, causing discoloration and making them unusable. This article walks you through removing the glass and having it resilvered so that your mirror is good as new (at least the glass part). Coming Soon.


S Series

  • Coming Soon - Submit your own!


  • Coming Soon - Submit your own!