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Cars for Sale:

1995 TVR Griffith 500 Convertible LHD

Posted: 14 July 2019
Serial #: SDLDGC3P88B011337
Price: CDN$85,000
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Contact Info: Paul Hotchkiss - (403)236-2963
Description: We have a 1995 TVR Griffith 500 Convertible for sale. My husband purchased it new and picked it up from the Dealer in Toronto and then drove across Canada to get it home, which is Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The car is one of only four that were brought into all of North America. It has 46,525 kilometres on it. Its fibreglass body is in very good shape without any cracks or damage. The car has always been sheltered. As you can see by the attached photos, it is Dark green. While the car was repainted it has all of its original trim, which is complete and very good overall. The Griffith has HRE Forgeline Mags (17 x 7.5 and 17 x 8.5) with Dunlop Direzza Sport Tires. While having upgraded, we still have the original wheels and tires. All glass is good. The factory interior is still very good…no rips or tears and the Targa Roof is also very good. The car is equipped with a 290 km speedometer. The stereo was upgraded to an Alpine AM/FM/CD player and speakers are located both at the doors and the rear panel. The engine is a Rover, 5 litre, V8. The cylinder heads have been upgraded to Hardened Valve Seats. Intake system was also upgraded to Carbon Fibre Intake. The ignition is a LUCAS Engine Management System. Carburetor is Electronic Fuel Injection. The cooling system runs with dual electric fans with thermostat. The radiator is stock aluminum. The transmission is a Factory 5-speed. The suspension has upgraded coilers. Additional photos available upon request.

1994 TVR Griffith 500

Posted: 5 August 2019
Price: $49,500
Location: Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada
Contact Info: Bill Rogers - (705) 445-6127
Description: This 1994 TVR Griffith 500 was one of only 8 LEFT HAND DRIVE Griffiths imported into Canada. Shortly thereafter, Canadian import rules shut down further imports. None were imported legally into the United States. As the car is now 25 years old, it can now be legally imported into the U.S. This Griffith 500 is equipped with the 280 hp, 4.3 litre Rover V8 engine which has shown acceleration numbers of zero to 100 km/per hour in 4.4 seconds. The car features a TREMEC 5 speed manual transmission with a hydraulically operated clutch.

The car was purchased by me in 2006 from TVR North America Limited in Toronto with 28,949 kms (17,988 miles) and since that time the car has been constantly garaged when not in use, and never driven in winter, or on salt covered roads. The car has never been in a collision of any sort, and still carries the original factory paint. The car now has 62,758 kms (38,996 Miles).

I have been a long-time member of the TVR Car Club of North America (TVRCCNA). Over a number of years, I have attended TVRCCNA events titled ‘Out of the Woodwork’ where this car was awarded numerous awards including ‘Best in Show’ and ‘First Place in Class’ at various events from 2009 to 2015 The car is a 2 seat, 2 door convertible with the body laid up by hand in glass reinforced polyester resin. The body was finished with four priming coats and a minimum of four top coats of clear coat black paint.

The chassis is multi-tubular, jig formed backbone style steel space frame. The suspension is fully independent with equal length A-arms with coil springs over adjustable gas shock absorbers, and with a front anti-sway bar. The four-wheel power disc brakes feature 10.2” ventilated front discs and 10.7” ventilated rear discs. The steering is rack and pinion with an adjustable steering column.

The car features factory air conditioning, tinted glass, electrically operated side windows, dual power outside rear view mirrors, remote central door locking system, anti-theft door locks, steering column adjustment feature, microwave (immobilizer) alarm system and ice detector.

The convertible top features a single piece, light weight carbon fibre removable roof panel for Targa mode top. Rear fold-down header can be folded down for complete convertible mode. Roof panel can be stored in rear trunk when in full convertible mode.

The interior features individually reclining bucket seats in full ‘Biscuit’ leather, a walnut veneered dashboard with comprehensive instrumentation including a speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, water temperature, voltmeter and electric clock (clock is in working order), time delay courtesy lights, and electrically operated trunk release all in good working order.

The sale includes a custom fit indoor dust cover and a copy of ‘The TVR Griffith and Chimaera’ technical manual by Steve Heath.

1993 TVR Chimaera 430 Cherry Red Pearl RHD

Posted: 16 June 2019
Serial #:
Price: $30,000 / £23,600
Location: England, UK
Contact Info: Andrew Henry
Description: 280 bhp 4.3L Rover V8, early LT77 Gearbox. Only approx. 200 made, this is a rare car! Now 26 Yrs old, allowing easy import into USA. Full TVR service history available. Car has a full 12 months UK mot certificate (just passed), brand new outriggers (June) , 4 x brand new Uniroyal Rainsport 3 tyres (June), New plugs, new HT leads & new Alternator (April). Radiator & both fans replaced 8000m ago. Never overheats. New battery (May) with trickle charging lead connection added into footwell. Fully professionally valeted, this has been a second car for over 15 years, always garaged. Alloys, bodywork and roof are all in excellent condition, original paint with very few marks (she's 26 years old!) Half leather seats, mushroom interior, face off CD player, all in very good condition too. Stage 1 alarm. Huge amount of trunk space! Central locking, alarm, electric mirrors, translucent rear numberplate. 2 Keys, Owners handbook (fully stamped with service history), receipts for last 12 years. Steve Heath owners book included (also rare & expensive).

Runs faultlessly, very revy, very loud, amazing to drive, precise, rifle-bolt solid gearchange. Real goosebump stuff! She has never let me down! I don't want to sell, but personal circumstances dictate I now have to. Car will be available in late June / early July as I am currently travelling frequently on business. More pics gladly sent on request.

1990 TVR S Series (S2)

Posted: 8 January 2018
Serial #:
Price: $28,500 ovno
Location: Dallas, TX
Contact Info: Jay Nield - (972) 955-9189
Description: Rare 1990 TVR S Series (S2) with amazing paintwork for the year (located in DFW, Texas)

Normally-aspirated 2.9 liter V6 – Rear Wheel Drive – Right hand drive – Stick Shift, with circa 80,000 miles (exact mileage NOT guaranteed as speedometer broke a few months ago but reasonably comprehensive service history file supports approximate mileage). A new speedometer is current being rebuilt by specialist UK company and should be completed in January before being shipped to Texas – this will be included as part of the sale). When new, this car boasted 170HP for a car weighing just over 2000 lbs, giving it a very respectable 0-60 mph time of 6.1 seconds. Road handling is what you’d expect from a British sports car with a 51% / 49% Front/Rear weight distribution. The straight-through exhaust gives this car a sound guaranteed to make you smile.

This is an opportunity to acquire one of a very small number of TVR S Series within the US, as this model was not made available to the American market. I have driven this car almost every day for the past month, including the drive up to DFW from Galveston port. This is one of the good ones, in a stunning color that attracts considerable interest from people who see it. It was recently imported from TVR enthusiasts in the UK, and has had the important work done – it has been subject to a body-off chassis refurbishment (including outriggers which is a common problem for older cars) at a cost of around $5K, and had the roof (and all bolts/roof locators) renewed a few years ago and is still in excellent condition. Additionally, any deteriorated weather strip on roof and doors was replaced within the last few weeks. With the exception of a few age-related stone chips which have been touched up, the paintwork on this car is amazing and turns heads – the bodywork was the subject of a complete sand and repair before 2K primer, block & wet on all panels, 2K original TVR color, and 2K lacquer followed by flat and polish. This car is complimented by 8 spoke O.Z. alloy wheels in unmarked matt black.

The interior is very good for its age and the leather has recently been cleaned.

1988 TVR 350i Convertible LHD

Posted: 18 August 2019
Price: $17,500
Location: Northeast Connecticut
Contact Info: Robert Zatz
Description: I am the second owner of this 350i which was imported into the US from Germany by the original owner. There were very few LHD 350i's produced. Only offered for sale as I need to cut down on my fleet of toys prior to a long distance move. If it doesn't sell, I will be pleased to bring it with me.

This particular car was used as the camera car in the TVR section of the German edition of "Englische Sportwagen". A copy of the book comes with the car. Immediately on buying it, I replaced all the fluids and filters, rebuilt the clutch master cylinder and replaced the transmission bushings. Brand new Cibie driving lights were found and fitted and the wiring cleaned up so that they now "flash to pass".Early in 2016 the steering shaft bushing was replaced. Later that year the fuel pump and filter were renewed.In late 2017 the front rotors, calipers and pads were replaced along with the brake master cylinder. The anti-sway bar and steering bushings were replaced with poly bushings.A new battery was installed in August, 2018.Oil changed and all fluids topped off March 2019.The central muffler/silencer was replaced June 2019. Tires are in very good shape with lots of miles left in them.

The previous owner had the car repainted its original (I believe) Imperial Yellow. There are a few minor paint flaws here and there. The seats have been recovered, and steering wheel replaced with a more contemporary flat bottomed Momo wheel. There is a Kenwood 113BT645U head unit and Boston Acoustics speakers. There is a built in radar detecting system. The roof panel is in good shape, cloth section was replaced and rear window is clear and unscratched. The original spare tire and tools are present (and I don't think ever used). I removed the driver's side sun visor as it interferes with my vision but it is included.

The frame has no rust anywhere; the whole car is remarkably corrosion free. I have never had it out in rain or snow.

The TVR starts right up and runs well. All gauges work, clock keeps good time. All lights work properly except the inner dome light which I've never investigated. The power mirrors don't function which is apparently common. The speedometer needle bounces a bit at lower speeds.

There is no air conditioning fitted. The car does have power steering. There are minor leaks from the power steering rack and transmission somewhere. I park the car on some cardboard and it doesn't lose much. I do not have to add any fluids over the driving season and change or top them off when the car is in winter storage. It does use a little oil and one lifter occasionally clatters for a few seconds on cold starts but then quiets down.

The carpeting is probably due for replacement in the next few years, and the wood veneer on the dash has a few cracks in it but they are not all that bad. The emergency brake handle is cracked. The windscreen washer tank is present but not hooked up, pump is inoperable. The seat belts are a bit reluctant to retract but do hold just fine in use. The car does come with some spares including the original steering wheel, Steve Heath workshop manual, Haynes Rover SD1 repair manual.

There are currently 132,055 km (82,055 miles) on the car, as it is still being used this may change a little.Insurance is cheap for this car (about $325 yearly for agreed value with Hagerty), it is emissions exempt, and is registered as an antique car. It has a current Connecticut registration. The Euro plate will stay with the car. More photos and two videos can be found here.

1986 TVR 280i Series 2

Posted: 8 April 2019
Serial #: SA9DH28P3GB019100
Price: $75 per ticket
Location: Kintnersville, PA
Contact Info: TVR Car Club of North America
Description: If you haven't heard, the TVR Car Club of North America will be raffling off what we understand to be the very first US Series II 280i (VIN number SA9DH28P3GB019100). The car is in good mechanical condition and has just under 60,000 miles on the odometer. We’ve intentionally chosen to raffle this car off and made the tickets affordable ($75 per ticket) because the goal of this isn’t to make a ton of money for the club. Rather, we want to publicize the marque and hopefully the low entry cost will encourage owners of other British cars, or even those who have never owned a British car, to look at TVRs. Haggerty and Black Book CPI place the car's value at $8-12k depending on how you assess the condition (good to excellent), which also reflects what sellers are asking for similar cars here in the TVR Trader, so please spread the word in your other car clubs and online forums. Buy your tickets here.

1986 TVR 280i Series 2

Posted: 9 October 2018
Serial #:
Price: $10,500
Location: Selbyville, DE
Contact Info: Dave Morrow - (410) 707-6131
Description: I purchased this 1986 TVR 280i from the original owner in 1996 and have enjoyed driving and showing it. The car has 37,000 miles. Times change and so have my interests. I no longer have the time to drive it as much as I did before. The car has upgraded carpet, walnut dash panels, and true dual exhaust. It has some minor body blemishes but otherwise has original finish. Yes, Lucas has not surprised. This is a very nice car and would be sure to please the next owner.

1985 TVR 390SE

Posted: 14 April 2019
Serial #:
Price: $23,995
Location: Rochester, MI
Contact Info: Chuck Linn - (248) 613-8247
1985 390se, yellow/black, 4.6l engine by V-8 Developments, mild cam, stage 3 heads, Borg Warner T-5, power steering, new fuel pump, etc. Includes substantial list of spare parts. Sold to a good home only.

1971 TVR Tuscan

Posted: 7 September 2019
Price: $54,000
Location: Camarillo, CA
Contact Info: Terry Stewart - (805) 482-0322
TVR restored as Tuscan: complete body off restoration: Ford 5.0 V8 (386 HP)+ Tremec T5+ Corvette LSD Diff. Disk brakes. Very fast! 2200lbs. Featured in American and British club magazines. - Engine move back 2" to achieve 50/50 weight distribution, Ford 5.0 V8 built with Forged pistons & rods, 4140 steel crank, TrickFlow Aluminum heads, TrickFlow performance cam, Edelbrock dual-plane intake manifold, Holley Street Warrior Carburetor, Machining done by Kenny Duttweiler Engineering, Dyno tested for correct jetting and power: Hp =368 @ 6000, Torque = 305 lb/ft @ 4200, oil cooler + oil accumulator ensuring constant oil pressure, new aluminum radiator with 2 fans: always runs at 180 deg., Remote electric water pump supply max flow when the car idles, stainless steel wrapped hoses for all oil, gas and brake lines, New 15 gal fuel tank, Tremec close-ratio T5 trans freshly rebuilt, custom drive shaft, C3 Corvette Limited slip diff completely rebuilt, Corvette C4 rear hub and disc brakes, custom half-shafts with German design U-joints, front and rear hubs accept Corvette stud pattern, Wilwood front brakes:11" x 1.25 with 4-piston calipers, Wilwood dual master cylinders with balance bar, new Optima battery, electrics completely rewired, Custom Roll cage, custom rear fender flares, 8" x 17" alloy wheels, tires: 225/45-17 front, 245/45-17 rear, $5000 paint job, interior redone with new Sparco seats, 4-point seat belt both sides, burlwood dash accent, dash has all VDO gauges & speedo, new windshield, DRIVEN LESS than 500 miles since restoration! Comes with 3 binders of documentation for all tech and parts in the car, all restoration photos on memory stick, Excel spreadsheet for all parts and costs, UK & American club magazine with photo enlargements and 2 books on the history of TVR. $65k invested…asking $54,000.

1965 Griffith 200

Posted: 20 December 2018
Location: New York
Contact Info: Andrew - (516) 561-0749
Description: FOR SALE 1965 GRIFFITH 200 hipo 289 2nd owner since 1969 SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY. Also have a 1968 tvr tuscan rolling chassis no rust complete engine ,trans power brakes 302 v8 missing body all papers to register

Parts for Sale:

Chevy V8 Headers for M

Posted: 17 March 2019
Price: $500obo
Location: Portland, OR
Contact Info: Greg Lapinski - (503) 756-5567
Description: This is a well constructed new set of Small block Chevy headers made for a 2500M. I am a Rover guy, so won’t be using this ceramic coated set. $500 plus shipping.

Gas Tank for 2500M

Posted: 10 November 2018
Price: $25
Location: Sterling, VA
Contact Info: Hayden Olenik
Description: I got this tank from another club member in a lot of parts I picked up, believe he said it came from a 77 2500M though it looks (and should be) the same as the tank in my 74. Tank is largely solid but has a few pinholes that need to be brazed/filled. Reportedly has not had fuel in it for more than a decade. Good chance to pick up a spare and have it patched and lined without taking your car off the road.

Assorted TVR Parts

Posted: 22 July 2018
Location: Orlando, FL
Contact Info: Jim McSweeney- (407)695-2981
  • 2500M/Taimar/3000S set of 4 t-slot wheels, 14x5 ½, no road rash,need polished and paint, with center caps $350
  • 280i/Tasmin one pair of NOS gas tanks, $650
  • Set of 4 factory option 15” 280i wheels, black painted centers with caps and Toyo Proxes, 205/55/15 tires, good condition $850

Selling or Trading Vixen Parts

Posted: 10 March 2018
Contact Info: Jean & Neville Nesbitt - (631)603-6744
Description: Selling or trading Vixen parts: Complete drive train (runs perfectly), 5x TVR alloy wheels, 4x 72-spoke steel wire wheels, glass rear window-perfect, plastic rear window for grantura-new small one. Need right front cast aluminum front bumper any condition, have orig gas tank and radiator for sale also. Maybe selling front and rear suspension at some point, call or email me with needs etc.


Grantura Seat

Posted: 7 September 2019
Contact Info: Steve Arens
Description: Looking for a Grantura seat, any condition is fine.

Griffith Chassis

Posted: 18 May 2019
Contact Info: Steve Mondloch - (920) 609-8663
Description: WANTED GRIFFITH CHASSIS. 200 or 400 series, 400 preferred. Can be rotten or buckled, but not crashed. For use as a pattern to repair a 400 Series Griffith. Name your price.

Grantura 2a Suspension Parts

Posted: 2 March 2019
Contact Info: Marc Dodson - (508)971-3704
Description: I am looking for series 1 or 2 grantura suspension front and rear vertical links and knuckles.

Vixen Parts

Posted: 10 March 2018
Contact Info: Jean & Neville Nesbitt - (631) 603-6744
Description: Wanted: plastic rear window for 1970 TVR Vixen 2500, front or right front bumpers for same car, any condition, left door for same car,original seats for this car, have many parts for this car for sale or trade etc.