Out of the Woodwork 2016

Carlisle, PA: May 20-22, 2016

Another Out of the Woodwork is history or "wet-story." It's too bad the weather didn't hold thru Saturday. Friday was picture perfect for the driving tour and the tour of the Eastern Motorsports Museum. I'm not much of a left turn only guy, but I found the museum very interesting. Then on to lunch at the Range End Country Club. Imagine TVR guys having lunch at a country club. We were all well behaved and had a really good meal. After lunch some guy came running up from his house across the street from the country club saying that he had heard of TVR's, but had never seen one let alone 12. We made his day!! A big thank you to Ben Roth for another great tour.

Saturday dawned pouring rain and nasty. Even though the weather was terrible we still had 23 TVR's on the show field. It was kinda strange on the show field because most of the other British marques had bailed the night before knowing it would be raining on Saturday. But not TVR, neither rain nor snow or dead of night, oh wait, that's assuming that the headlights are working. (Terry) Well, you get the point. The rest of Saturday was pretty much off and on rain for the rest of the day. I won't call it Wetwork II, but it came close. As with last year I decided not to give the awards out on the show field, but at the banquet. Better dry than wet and muddy. The winners pictures are posted here.

After the banquet came the auction, which this year was rather subdued due to the fact that most of our Canadian/Oklahoma contingent was absent. Buzz carried the banner for Canada, but couldn't hold a candle to the alcohol consumption that usually happens. I know he tried, but that's a lot to ask of just one person. Let's not let that happen again. You guys were missed.