Out of the Woodwork 2015

Carlisle, PA: May 15-17, 2015

Out of the Woodwork 2015 is a pleasent memory. On Friday our intrepid tour leader Ben Roth took some of us on some of the back roads surrounding Carlisle finaly ending up at the Rolls Royce Heritage Foundation. I thought it was going to be a kind of uninteresting tour just looking at some old Rolls Royces. I was very wrong, it was interesting and I learned things about Rolls I never knew. From the museum we traveled to the Appalachian Brewing Company for a tasty lunch, good conversation, and of course the beer. Then it was back to the hotel to freshen up and perpare for Woodwork 15.

Saturday dawned partly cloudy and very humid. There seemed to even more interest in TVR than there was last year, maybe due to the fact that the company is going back into production making cars. Regalia sales were brisk and the new "dollar table" was a big success with Club members as well as the general public. The voting was concluded at about 2-2:30 in the afternoon, which was about the same time Mother Nature decided to open up the heavens with heavy rain and gusty winds. It was decided to do the awards at the banqet due to the impending storm — it looked like a Chinese fire drill trying to get everything packed up and into our cars for the trip back to the hotel. The really heavy rain held off until about half way back, and of course I found that my defroster didn't work (like that comes as a surprise). So it was drive with a window down and get soaked or use a towel to keep the windshield clear, I opted for the latter. Back at the hotel after drying out and getting cleaned up it was time for the banquet, the elections and the infamous auction. The cash bar opened at 6:30 followed by the banquet. The awards followed and were as follows:

Award Placed Name(s) Model
Early TVR 1 Lee Goldstein 1962 Grantura Mk2
Griffith & Tuscan V8 No Participants
Vixen & 2500 1 Roger Lavallee 1971 Vixen 2500
2 Kenneth Gerchufsky 1972 Vixen 2500
M Series 1 Lorne Fritz 1974 2500M
Tasmin/280i 1 Sterling Stewart 1983 Tasmin Convertible
2 Phil Warren 1986 280i Series II
Late TVR 1 Chuck Linn 1985 390SE
2 Gilles Deschenes 1990 S2
Late Griffith 1 Bill Rogers 1994 Griffith 500
2 John Brennan 1995 Chimera
Modified TVR 1 Carlisle Entry #258 — Contact us if this is you!
2 Carlisle Entry #409 — Contact us if this is you!
Special Awards
Most Original Dave Graham 1993 Griffith
Most Likely to Break Down Hayden Olenik 1987 TVR S
Diamond in the Rough Charlie Birkline 1987 350i Convertible
Best in Show Lee Goldstein 1962 Grantura Mk2
The Chuck Lynn Commemorative
"I don't need another award" Award
Chuck Lynn 1985 390SE
Carlisle Productions'
"Best British Car on Showfield"
Jeff Loss 1972 Vixen 2500 V8 Conversion

I want to thank those who helped out this year as Woodworkers.

The Trevor went to Bill Rachal for being the supplier of TVR parts on this side of the pond and the Marq Rubin went to Lee Goldstein for his outstanding Grantura MK II. I have challenged Lee to get his vintage racing license and to come out with me so we can see who's TVR is better on the track. There was a special award this year given to Chuck Linn. At last years Woodwork Chucks car won its class and he made to comment that he didn't need another award, so in honor of that he was awarded the Chuck Linn "I don't need another award" award. Be careful of what you say at Woodwork...... Also our own Jeff Loss was honored by Carlisle Productions for the Best British Car on the Showfield. and will get a nicely embroidered jacket in the mail soon.

The election went smoothly, and I want to thank the membership for allowing me to continue as your president.

Due to Colin not coming over this year, Dave Graham and Bill Rogers were kind enough to say that they would be our auctioneers. The auction per usual added to the Clubs coffers. At around 9:30-10 most of us retired to the bar to do even more drinking. As I write this I am already working on Woodwork 2016. As always if I can be of any TVR related help, let me know that's what I'm here for.