Out of the Woodwork 2013

Carlisle, PA: May 17-19, 2013

First of all sorry for the late report. My racing season has started and I got too focused on what that involves. I'm back now (the race car broke) so I can devote time to getting this out. Well for a sort of new venue and a very new hotel everything seemed to go off without a hitch. The only two complaints I got were the mattresses were too hard and that Buzz's sink wouldn't drain. Other than that it was a great weekend. On Friday Ben Roth led the tour of some of the local roads and sights. I'm told it was a good time. Again thanks Ben. I wanted to go, but I figured that I should hang around the Club tent if anything came up that needed my attention.

The weather for Saturday started out partly sunny and the rain held off until most of us got back to the hotel. We had 34 TVR's on the show field, some of which I had never seen before. All in all a good turn out. Hayden manned the regalia table. Sales were steady all day. For those of you who didn't make to 1 PM "special event", it was a presentation of a special plaque/award to Marshall Moore to acknowledge his many years of service and dedication the TVR Club. As the plaque said: "Thanks Marshall".

We had a lot of walk thru and interest in our cars and the Club in general. I think that we even signed up some new members. Andy Reid from Classic Motorsports is going to be doing a feature article on TVR's and our Club. There was a photo shoot with the large hill at the show grounds used as a back ground. He also just bought a 2500M and is going to cover it's restoration in Classic Motorsports as a running project car. I also heard that Dave LaChance from Hemmings Motor News will be doing some sort of article on Don Ensleys "Old Blue" Very cool. I don't think we have ever had this much press coverage, ever. Carlisle has been very good for our Club.

At around 3 in the afternoon the ballots were counted and the awards were handed out as follows:

Award Placed Name(s) Model
Early TVR 1 Don Ensley 1963 Grantura
2 Paul & Betty Danilowicz 1967 Grantura 1800S
Tuscan 1 Art Becker 1969 Tuscan SE V8
2 Candace Kennedy 1970 Tuscan V6
Vixen 1 Tony Hess 1971 Vixen 2500
2 Geoff DuPont 1972 Vixen 2500
M Series 1 Lorne Fritz 2500M
2 Ron Fournier 1972 Vixen 2500*
Tasmin/280i 1 Ben Roth 1984 Series I 280i
2 Name is illegible in our ballot list, please let us know if you won. 1986 Series II 280i
Late TVR 1 Chuck Linn 1985 390SE
2 Gilles Deschenes 1990 S2
Late Griffith 1 Rob Stewart 1994 Griffith 500
2 Bill Rogers 1994 Griffith 500
Modified TVR 1 Jeff Loss 1972 Vixen 2500 V8
2 Robert Brewer 1973 2500M V8
Special Awards
Diamond in the Rough Bill Weathers 1978 3000S
Best in Show Randy Clark Grantura race car

At the banquet I gave the Trevor award to Ben Roth and the Marq Rubin to Robert Brewer. Due to the fact that Colin Lyons could make it over from the UK this year, I was informed that I "had" to let Dave Graham and Bill Rogers run the auction or they would bad mouth me all over Canada and most of the USA. They did a great job and raised a good deal of money for the Club coffers. Many thanks to Dave and Bill. Pictures of the weekend will be up on the web site and on the TVRCCNA Facebook page. I would like to thank all those who attended Woodwork this year. Without you there wouldn't be a TVRCCNA. I look forward to Out of the Woodwork 2014. Stay tuned.