Out of the Woodwork 2012

Princeton, NJ: September 28-30, 2012

Another Woodwork has come and gone. All in all I was very pleased with the whole event. The tour on Friday saw a little rain in the morning, but the weather got better as the day progressed. One of the Canadians treated us to a nice display of what happens when you get on the throttle too quickly when changing wet road surfaces. There was a masterful recovery, so no damage done, other than some seat puckering. The tour lunch was enjoyed by all and after a brief stop over at my house for some repairs, chit chat and general milling around, everyone headed back to the hotel. Back at the hotel the board got together for its annual meeting. The minutes will be posted elsewhere in the Times.

The day of Woodwork the weather was cloudy and cool, but no rain (typical English summer). The show field filled up quickly in all but the 2500M class. There wasn't a single stock 2500M anywhere to be seen, and that's unusual. Hayden manned the regalia tent and the Woodworkers helped out on the show field. For the first time in a few years we actually had some outside (other that TVR) vendors set up. There were a lot of really nice modified TVRs this year. That class seems to be getting bigger with every Woodwork. Dave Hunt brought his new rolling chassis that you could eat off of. I can't wait to see the finished car. I want to thank the guys form the Positive Earth Club for coming out and supporting us. It is really appreciated. Also I want to thank the Mid west group for their determination to get to Woodwork. Even with mechanical issues they made it.

The class awards were as follows:

Award Placed Name(s) Model
Early TVR 1 Marc Blum 1967 Grantura 1800S
2 Paul & Betty Danilowicz 1967 Grantura 1800S
Griffith/Tuscan V8 1 Art Becker 1969 Tuscan SE V8
*(Note from Tony: Art that doesn't mean I'm going to pay more for your car.)
2 Carl Waltzer 1965 Griffith 200
Vixen 1 Geoff DuPont 1972 Vixen 2500
2 Terry Telke 1971 Vixen 2500
Tasmin/280i 1 Jerry Schopp 1984 Series I 280i
2 Tom & Ed Voccola 1986 Series II 280i
Late TVR (390/420/450i) 1 Tony Hess 1990 450SE
Late Griffith 1 Andy Gear 1999 TVR Griffith 500
2 Bill Rogers 1994 Griffith 500
Modified TVR 1 Dave Hunt 1979 3000S V8
2 Jeff Loss 1972 Vixen 2500 V8
Austin Healey 1 Steve Kahn Austin-Healy 3000 MkIII (BJ8)
2 Dean Hedin 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite
MG 1 Bob Brown 1967 MGB
Triumph 1 Ross Lomonaco 1973 Triumph TR6
2 Triumph TR6
Other Brit 1 Joe Laudisi 1969 Jaguar XKE
2 John Kosztyo 1959 Morris Minor Pickup Truck
Open Class 1 Ben Roth 1999 Triumph Tiger
2 Robert Seligman Lotus Elan +2 Coupe
Special Awards
Diamond in the Rough Jeff Jacobelli 1992 TVR Griffith
Best in Show Dave Hunt 79 3000S V8

The banquet went off without a hitch. The food was good, the cash bar was busy, and we seemed to behave ourselves, well most of us. Colin was again his usual masterful self when it came to the auction. I still can't believe that one of the Canadians paid $50 US (that's real money!) for some holy(pun) condoms. All of the Woodworkers were honored for their hard work in helping me before, during and after the event. The Trevor award this year went to Dick Edwards for his long standing support of the Club. The Marq Rubin award went to Marc Blum. If I have forgotten to thank anyone I apologize. It was a long weekend for me and sometimes I forget to thank everyone I should. I look forward to a bigger and better Out of the Woodwork in 2013.