Out of the Woodwork 2008

Washington Crossing, PA: September 26-28, 2008

Another ‘Out of the Woodwork’ has come and gone and it seems like the weekend went by all too quickly, despite my not slowing down for almost 72 hours.   Although Mother Nature was not all that cooperative with the weather, we did not have to endure any heavy downpours during any of the activities during the weekend, and instead, primarily dealt with a heavy mist and grey skies.   However, it did impact the overall attendance at the show keeping it down to about 33 TVRs and three non-TVRs.   Nonetheless, the overall reaction to the weekend at the new venue, Washington’s Crossing Historic Park, was very positive.

The “Covered Bridges Driving Tour” which was held on Friday, initially  looked like it would have about 10-12 participants.  However, when we finally started the tour, we had about 23 cars and 30 participants!  Candace Kennedy and Tony Hess had done a fabulous job setting up this drive through some beautiful roads of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The tour included seven historic covered bridges, and some of the prettiest countryside many of us have seen in a long time.   Great old stone houses and stone barns dotted the countryside.   It was difficult at times to keep such a long convoy together but the tour itself was an unqualified success.   The tour ended at Tony Hess’s house where everyone got to relax and talk TVR.

Saturday morning started early for us who were organizing and working the show.  Unfortunately, due to some communications snafus between the park and the food vendor, the vendor did not show so we had to fend for ourselves when it came to food for the day.   But, we’ll make sure that problem does not reoccur next year.  The large covered pavilion came in handy for Regalia and other vendors.   Once the cars started arriving, they were arranged along the driveway at the edge of a large open field in the park.   We had a very solid attendance of TVR wedges, later TVRs, and the M—series cars, as usual, were also solidly represented.   And, for the first time, we had a new class – Modified—which included V8 conversions and that seemed to be very well received.

The winner of the 50/50 raffle and $130.00 in cash was Richard Fritz.

Following the show, we set up for the banquet and auction.  The staff at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel did a great job on the banquet and the dessert offerings were unbelievable!!  You could almost hear the pounds attaching themselves to your body as you walked by the table.  And, everyone was presented with a beautiful 10-oz Pilsner glass emblazoned with the TVRCCNA logo on one side and the 2008 Woodwork logo on the other side.

Then, after the banquet, came the annual TVRCCNA Auction.    People brought an amazing array of items to be auctioned off and by the end of the night, the auction had netted close to $3,500.   And it seemed that close to half of what was auctioned off was bought by the Canadian contingent.   So thanks to all who came and participated.   Now, here’s the breakdown of awards for both the show and the banquet for the weekend.

Show awards

Early TVR:

Special Mention:  Candace Kennedy – 1800S

First Place:  Paul Danilowicz – 1800S

Grififith & Tuscan V8:

Special Mention:  Chris McArdle – 1965 Griffith 200

First Place:  Art Becker – 1969 Tuscan LWB V8

Vixen & 2500:

Special Mention:  Jeff Jacobelli – 1972 2500 Hybrid

First Place:  Dick Edwards – 1970 Vixen S2


Special Mention:  Todd Stiles – 1976 2500M

First Place:  Kenny Rollins – 1976 2500M

3000 Class:

Special Mention:  Joe Laudisi – 1978 Taimar

First Place:  Dave Hunt – 1979 3000S


Special Mention:  Bill Weathers – 1986 280i Series 2

First Place:  Gary Ballard – 1985 280i Series 1 ½

Late TVR:

Special Mention:  Dave Graham -  Griffith 4.3

First Place:  Bill Rogers – Griffith 4.3

Modified Class:

Special Mention:   John Lakenen – 1976 2500M V8

First Place:  Jeffrey Loss – 1972 2500 V8

Other British:

First Place:  Richard Fritz – 1953 Sunbeam Alpine Convertible

Open Class:

First Place:  Dan Olenik – 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500

BEST IN SHOW:   Art Becker – 1969 TVR Tuscan LWB V8

Banquet Awards

Woodworker Awards

Bill Palmer

Paul Robilotti

Preserver of the Marque

Chris McArdle

Marq Ruben Award (Presented for the first time to the Best TVR on the showfield as voted by the show participants)

Paul Danilowicz – 1967 Grantura 1800S fresh from a 9-year restoration

The Trevor Award

Dave Graham, Ontario, Canada


The Covered Bridge Tour
At the Indian Rock Inn

Lining up for the Driving Tour

Left: Dick Edwards Vixen "The Pumpkin" wins Vixen and 2500 Class.

Right: Gilles Deschenes' S2.

Left: Class Winning 1800S of Paul Danilowicz

Right: 3000 Series TVRs draw attention.

Left:Some of the earlier TVRs.

Right:Some of the Late TVR Class.

Left: Wedge Lineup at Woodwork 2008.

Right: More Modified TVRs.

Left:The crowd listens as awards are presented.

Right: Art Becker with his Best of Show award.

Left: Club President Marshall Moore and Events Chairman Tony Hess.

Right: A sampling of auction items.

Left: Auctioneer Marshall Moore seeks bids while wife Donna looks on.

Right: The Marq Ruben Award Presentation.

l to r: Club President Marshall Moore, Richard Ruben (brother of Marq), Tony Valentine, and award winner Paul Danilowicz

Left: Dave Graham accepts the Trevor Award.

Right: Bill Rogers with his embroidered TVR Toilet Tissue.