Out of the Woodwork 2005

A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Lebanon, NJ: October 7-9, 2005

Woodwork Report
Woodwork Show Results

Pre-M series TVRs at the show

Out of the Woodwork 2005 report....

By Marshall Moore

WET….was the operative word for the 25th Anniversary “Out of the Woodwork” event, or at least for two thirds of it.  After arriving in New Jersey on Thursday afternoon, I prepared to work on the normal final details of the weekend after certain other members arrived by mid-day or early afternoon on Friday.  What I had not counted on was two days of monsoon-like rains that socked in central New Jersey.   Sure, we didn’t get the foot of rain that Northern New Jersey got that left homes under water, but how many TVR owners arrived with a couple of inches of water in their floorboards?

There were countless stories of members driving through appalling conditions, encountering traffic accidents on the interstate, delays at airports, car problems along the way, etc, but they came anyway.  Through the rain, TVRs continued showing up at the Holiday Inn/Somerset and by Saturday evening, there were approximately 65 TVRs in the parking lot…13 more than were on the showfield at Woodwork 2004.  Things were looking good, but what about the weather.  Would the show on Sunday be washed out?  There was hope the front would move through and blow the heavy rains east.  Would that happen?

Martin and Julie Lilley arrived after a delay in their flight and they settled in , graciously agreeing to autograph various things throughout the weekend.  They were joined by Gerry and Dolores Sagerman.    Gerry and Martin had not seen each other for 26 years, but, as Gerry put it, it seemed more like 26 days and they just took up as though that’s all the time that had passed.

The Saturday night banquet was a full house, with 160 people seated for dinner, more than had ever attended a banquet in the history of Woodwork.  After some club awards had been handed out, Martin and Gerry participated in a question and answer session fielding questions from the floor.  It was interesting to listen to Martin’s reminiscences as well as Gerry’s accounts of how things worked between himself and Martin, as importer and manufacturer, respectively.

The banquet was followed by the infamous TVRCCNA Auction with erstwhile auctioneer Colin Lyons moving one item after another, with proceeds going to the club treasury for next year’s operating capital.  Some of the more interesting items that were auctioned were some year end accounting ledgers for TVR Engineering from 1965-1971, brought to the auction by Martin Lilley;  and a 1:12 scale, scratch-built scale model of a 2500M rolling chassis, built and donated by veteran club member Tony Valentine of Maryland.

Sunday morning, those of us who worked the show, got up early and headed out to Round Valley Recreation Area to get ready for the onslaught of show participants.   We had finally gotten the tents erected for registration and regalia and the signs up denoting the various classes for the show when the cars started rolling in.  By day’s end, we had 79 TVRs on the show field, with everything ranging from a Jomar Coupe to a new Griffith 4.3.  Some of the highlights included a Griffith 400 with only 2,000 original miles, Al Way’s ex-Gerry Sagerman Wide-body Tuscan Boss 302 Prototype,  Roy Stumpf’s freshly restored 2500 from Wisconsin which was fitted some years ago with a Chevrolet 327 cu. inch V8, Bill Sanford’s unique Taimar Turbo, built for the 1977 New York Auto Show, and three of the four 450 SE wedges in North America, to name a few.  The quality of the cars on hand continued to impress all who saw them.    In addition to the TVRs, we had a smattering of other marques including a BMW Isetta, a Ferrari 250 GTE, a Bentley R-Type, some Minis, MGs, and others.  However, most of the other marques appeared to stay away because of the less than attractive weather.

Don Endsley Holds Court in "Old Blue"

Very Rare!

2005 Woodwork Show Results

When votes had been cast in the various classes, awards were handed out as follows:
Non- TVR Classes
Late MG: Forrest Collier – 1967 MGB
Mini:  Cathy Mass – 1962 Mini
Triumph:     Scott Erickson – Triumph TR4A
Open Class:   Stu Ross – 1953 Bentley R-Type
TVR Classes
Early TVR(Jomar – Grantura):   1st: Tony Hess – 1800S
Special Mention: Don Ensley – 1963 Grantura
Marc Blum – 1967 1800S

Griffith & Tuscan: 1st: Chris McArdle – Griffith 400
Special Mention: Tom Beatty – 1964 Griffith 200
Carl Walter – 1965 Griffith 200
Al Way – Tuscan Widebody Prototype
Vixen: 1st: Paul Eddy – 1972 Vixen S2
Special Mention: Dick Edwards – 1970 Vixen S2
Roy Stumpf – Vixen S2 V8
2500: 1st: Jeffrey Loss – 1972 2500 V8
Special Mention: Ken Gerchufsky – 1972 2500
Jeff Jacobelli – 1972 2500 Hybrid

2500M: 1st: Bruce Botti --1974 2500M
Special Mention: Gary Novak -- 1974 2500M
Bill Cain -- 1977 2500M
Steve Barao -- 1974 2500M
3000 Series: 1st: Bill Sanford -- 1977 Taimar Turbo
Special Mention: Joe Laudisi -- 1978 Taimar
Marshall Moore -- 1978 Taimar
Leo DeMeo -- 1979 3000S
Tasmin/280i: 1st: Lou Magino -- 1985 280i
Special Mention: George Czerw -- 1985 280i Coupe
Mike Colliso -- 1983 Tasmin
Jonathan Foulds -- 1986 280i
Late TVR (350 to Current): 1st:  Mike Bozinoski – 1993 Griffith 4.3
Special Mention:   Shawn Ford – 1990 450 SE
Walter Chippendale – 1990 450SE
David Shannon – S3
President’s Award: Jeffrey Loss – 1972 2500 V8
Best of Show: Chris McArdle – 1966 Griffith 400
In the club awards presented at the banquet on Saturday night the following presentations were made:
Member of the Year – Pacific Northwest Region: Jason George
Member of the Year – Mid-Atlantic Region: Tony Hess
Member of the Year – Northeast Region: Marc Blum
Member of the Year – Midwest Region: Hayden Olenik
Member of the Year – Western Region:  Kash Biddle
Member of the Year – Canada Region:     Dave Graham
Purveyor of the Marque: Hayes Harris
Trevor Award: Colin Lyons
Special Guest Award: Martin Lilley
Special Appreciation Award: Holiday Inn/Somerset

And, an additional award had been presented the previous weekend at a special party preceding Woodwork.  Jared Silver presented, on behalf of the TVRCCNA, a Special Appreciation Award to Don and Elaine Birkline for their many years of service to the club. 

We want to thank everyone for coming and making Woodwork 2005 a very special weekend. But, most of all, we want to express our appreciation to Martin and Julie Lilley for being our special guests, as well as Gerry and Dolores Sagerman for also making it a special weekend for everyone.   It will be a weekend not soon forgotten.

                                                                                                Marshall Moore 



A row of Ms How many Ms had these wheels?  
One of the two Autocrossers present. Red cars surround the webmaster's car Packed and ready to return to Illinois
The one we all want -- a "Turbo" Beautiful and 2 license plates when needed Arguably the best angle of the M series!