Out of the Woodwork 2004

Lebanon, NJ: October 8-10, 2004

The weather was about as nice as anyone could ask for and, while the attendance was not as large as I would like, we had a lot of really beautiful cars on the show field.  Alex Saidel, son of Ray Saidel, creator of the Jomar, and noted author Jonathan Stein who wrote the Jomar article for Automobile Quarterly issue number 35/2, were our guest speakers for the night and provided us with a wealth of information about Jomars during the evening.

Alex also provided two early Jomars for us, a roadster and a coupe.

We also had one of most every other model of TVR up to the early 1990's on hand including Granturas, Vixens, 2500s, 2500Ms, Taimars, a 5000M, 3000Ss, 280is, 350is, a 450SE and two S2s.  In addition to TVRs, we had a wide array of other cars on the showfield including such marques as: Aston Martin, Austin Healey, MG, Triumph, Lotus, Mini, Jaguar(including a D-type), excellent GT-40 and Cobra replicas, Messerschmidt, Volkswagen, and more.

All in all a very enjoyable weekend and a nice prelude to next year's event which will mark the 25th anniversary of Out of the Woodwork.    Everyone start making your plans to be there next October to celebrate this milestone with the TVR Car Club North America!

Click on the pictures to see larger versions of them.

TVRs arrive at the show Lots of TVRs at Woodwork
"The Pumpkin" from Canada, John Buszard's 5000M;  How a 5 litre V8 is shoehorned into an M series chassis.
The Griffith and Tuscan lineup. A row of 2500s

More TVRs

  3000Ses are so nice!
A row of V8 Wedges (not imported to the USA!) The somewhat familiar V6 Wedges